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About us


The story of Via Families as a company started in 2015, but one year before the idea surged thanks of many questions from our customers and also for the circumstances due to the crisis. Does it exist any company in which the families can find other people (families, students) on internet for doing cultural and linguistic exchanges between them? Without agencies or intermediaries?

With the crisis, many families asked us if we have or know families living abroad interested in doing an exchange. But for finding families with guarantees you have to do it with an agency, I told them “I don´t have a family factory!

Christmas 2013 – Just an idea

 Every year my cousins and I have a dinner with our couple, we are around 30! We share about us and spend moments full of laughs, an amazing tradition!

Talking with one of my cousins (knowing that I´m in the international education), he told me:


Jose: - Ana, I need to improve my english but I can´t spend too much, what can I do?

Me: -  There are 15 days bussiness programmes, but you have to pay about 3000€.

Jose: - I don´t want to spend that much! Do you can find a guy with the same age as me? I will invite them to Costa Brava (Cataluña) in summer and they will invite me to England.

Me: -  You have to do it with an agency and pay.

Jose: - You should do anything that satisfy these needs.

There started everything!

The straw that broke the camel's back

One day, a desperate mother called MCM Educational Consultant. She has wanted for a long time that her children can learn anorher language and she also wanted to send him to a exchange abroad. The mother, recommended by friends arrive to MCM and had talked with my husband. 

- My son has a problem- commented the desperate mother

- What´s the problem? - My husband answered

- He is deaf, and everyone asked me how did I want him to learn another language if he is deaf? - Added the mother.

This student, went to a normal school in USA, he finished his studies and now he is a university studying as any other student.

Trinxet thought if a family platform in which the families can find other families such as theirs to learn language and make exchanges had existed, this desperate mother wouldn´t have to begged thousand of agencies to help her. She would find a family such as hers to made an exchange between their childrens. 

There was clearly a need!

In 2015 we created Via Families, since then we have not stopped working for a single day to design the international platform for families, students and travelers.

A platform that verifies people, safety and with guarantees, in which the entities verifies the identity of other families, their comments and testimonies through  their seals. Connect directely with the families maintaining your personal information safety, those are our priorities.

… We continue working without rest to improve every single day!

We appreciate your trust and for being part of our community.

On Via Families everybody wins!

Welcome to Via Families!





Mother of 3 teenagers, married with Alex Ferrer. Since 1990 we found together MCM Educational Consultants (1990) we guide students and families about the best academic and  formative journey.

I´m pedagogue with more than 25 years of experience in MCM as an educational consultant.

I´m know the needs of the families and their students, the efforts and the problems that they might have when trying to do an exchange.

I also know thanks of my 25 years of experience, the new pedagogical trends and the demanding needs.

As a mother, I understand that all parents want the best for our kids, all parents have the same needs, interests and concerns: “We speak the same language!” it doesn´t matter the country, we understand each other perfectly!

I understand as a pedagogue what motivates the young travelers: know other young people as them, share experience, discover and take advantage of that well- guided curiosity it´s an amazing tool to offer an open cultural education, adapted to the changes and empatic with problems and personal circumstances of others.

I´m convinced that travelling and discovering, have personal guided experiences, is a life lesson for young people, too positive for the successful and happy adult life.

My husband still helping and supporting me in this project, offering a free asesoría for the families that want it.