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About Via Families




Improve the future of the world linking countries and cultures through education and families.

None student without the opportunity of travelling and knowing another cultures.

Integrate the entities, associations, companies and comunities to the international educational development.



Help and commitment

for families and their childrens 

to achieve the student exchange that they need to improve their future and the world around them.

Honesty and transparency

in all our work, agreements and collaborations. 



Via Families born in 2015 hand in hand with Ana Trinxet, pedagogue with more than 25 years of experience in the educational and linguistic international programmes world, she has always had the desire of helping families and their childrens with international education, simple and cheap. 

Trinxet had a look at the facility of contacting families with the same interests and needs, she knows what the families want and need. 

She is mother of 3 kids of 20, 18 and 15 years old, so she knows what it means to send your children to another house far from yours and trust in people you even know. 

Her husband Alex went to a student exchange in 1985, the contact with his american family has not been broken up, actually they came to their wedding and also their biggest children went to an academic course and he stayed in the american brother house. Also the children of the american brother have been in Spain during 3 summers and the kids of Alex and Ana had gone furthermore the academic course, for Christmas and other national celebrations when the schools close.

The support and help between families has been crucial to know that their children were safely and if something happened, they would have someone responsible of them. 

Her vision has been to create a simple and a cheap system to attain this international programmes through a collaborate economy  between families.

In 2014, Jose Coll told to Trinxet that she needs to practice and improve her english and also that I will be perfect if they can find a host family and then he can receive them in his home, an equal exchange.

From the proffesional perspective, none of the platforms were perfect to find that kind of exchange without intermediaries.

So Trinxet was associated with Rafa Terradas, engineer and friend who helped with the first platform launch in 2015. Since then, the main purpose has been the same, to help families and students to find a family such as theirs and invite to different activities, exchanges or study trips; the families are the only one who decide. 


The straw that broke the camel's back

One day, a desperate mother called MCM Educational Consultant. She has wanted for a long time that her children can learn anorher language and she also wanted to send him to a exchange abroad. The mother, recommended by friends arrive to MCM and had talked with my husband. 

- My son has a problem- commented the desperate mother

- What´s the problem? - My husband answered

- He is deaf, and everyone asked me how did I want him to learn another language if he is deaf? - Added the mother.

This student, went to a normal school in USA, he finished his studies and now he is a university studying as any other student.

Trinxet thought if a family platform in which the families can find other families such as theirs to learn language and make exchanges had existed, this desperate mother wouldn´t have to begged thousand of agencies to help her. She would find a family such as hers to made an exchange between their childrens. 


"Via Families story born of the spirit of helping and the commitment with the families and students.

Without this commitment to help, we wouldn´t exist".

     Ana Trinxet

             Partner & founder