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1) How do I register my family?
To register your family profile you will have to fist send us an email. You will receive in your inbox the link that will enable you to start completing the profile.

2) I fail to register, why?

3) How and when do I make a payment?

4) What are the payment methods?

5) How do I renew my subscription?
When it expires paying your card, you'll never turn your family únicamente making the payment.
I have forgotten my password.


1) How do I search for a family?
Using the first filter on the home page, you will begin to search the families by countries that you are interested in contacting. The following page will  display the available families in your countries of choice. We suggest that you use the filters to narrow the families according to your preferences.

2) How do I contact with families?
After completing your profile you can start contacting the families through tour platform: iFamilyNetworks.

3) How do I apply filters?
You can access the filters we offer you once you're on the screen of the country you have chosen.

4) How do I find my favorite families?
Once you have selected the filters you will see a list of the families in the country or city with the features you want. At this point you can contact all families who want anonymously through the iFamilyNetworks site. Read the letters of each family, their profiles and comments. That will help you select your families. They will respond to you through the platform.

5) Can I see the families that have selected me?
Yes, because they will contact you and you will also see their profiles as well. Then you can decide if you wish to establish contact with them.

6) How do I remove the families that do not interest me?
You simply stop contacting them after you have told them you no longer wish to remain in contact. They will remain in the site for other families to see them.



How do I make changes to my profile?

Do I need help uploading my photos, what can I do?

How do I change my email?

How do I change my password?

How do I cancel my account?

How do I reactivate my account?


1) What is the advantage of seeking an exchange through Via Families instead of through agencies, friends, etc ..?
Many exchange programs offer an intermediary who knows the sector (schools, academic, universities, etc.) this is of valuable help.
Yet no one can choose better than you the family,- whether it be for an exchange or as a host-family- that fits your desires and needs with your interests, tastes and priorities. You can ask directly all that you wish to know.
The most important advantage of Via Families is that the family selects you and you select them. You will also save the fees of any agency.

2) This is the first time I do an exchange. Does Via Families offer any some advice?
Of course, in Via Families  wants families to establish true friendship. For this reason we offer advice for the different stages before, during and after you meet the families. Advice so that you can get to know each other much better. (establish lik to advice)

3) How do I know that family contact is trsutworthy? Does Via Families preselect the families?
No, Via Families cannot make a selection for you. Nobody can do that any better than you. Via Families offers a comprehensive and complete   guidelines on how to research, contact and select or rule out a family.
It is important that you confirm personally all information given to you. This will build the trust between you and them.

4) Can a family mislead in the information provided?
Maybe they might, but there is no winner in falsifying  information, you will be conducting your own inquiries, thus discarding families that are trying to mislead you.
You will not disclose your address, telephone or any personal information before you have established a Skype contact, You will use Google translator  (or any other translation service) if required. After this you can exchange some personal information in order to do your own research through Linkedin and/or Facebook. You will know when you are ready to disclose further details.
ifamilyNetworks has the right to delete the account of families that provide information that is not verifiable by other families.

5) What is the ideal age to have an exchange?
At any age it is interesting and rewarding, but it can start perfectly from the moment the child has reached a level of maturity to be independent and to be physically separated from his/her parents for a period time.

The child must be motivated in learning about other cultures and a new language. Typically this would be from about 14/15 years old.

6) What happens if my child is not comfortable with the family?
One should always attempt to solve issues through dialogue, it is important to have the child understand that all families are different. It will be very important to maintain contact with the host family and make them understand the child's needs to feel welcome and integrated.

Via Families can offer a  local  contact. This service will be offered in certain destinations and by previously contracting this service.

7) What should the host family pay?
The host family should pay whatever is considered general living expenses and small entertainment: movies, theater, concert tickets ... although most probably the visitor will have some money to pay these additional costs. It's not polite to ask money from the parents of the visiting guest if the expense is small. For example, you will pay for a bus or metro ticket, a tourist bus. The guest can pay for this, but it is polite to invite, these small considerations are well accepted.
The guest, should always take some pocket money for some expenses. If you take a trip or there is an extra activity that is more expensive you shuld notify parents so they can transfer you the necessary funds.
 In any case, these issues should be discussed before departure. If your child will be attending a course, the usual is that the parents should pay for schooling.

7) How much money should my child bring?
The most practical is to have a debit card, so as ot be able to withdraw funds as he/she needs them.

8) Do I have to pay anything to the host family?
If the family tells you that during your child´s visit there will be some activity that you think is out of the ordinary, that could be an important expense, you should offer to pay: a trip, a skiing vacation, etc.

9) Do you provide a school or study center for children during their stay?
Generally speaking host families know best their surroundings. They will know of any convenient language course or schools. For those who prefer to choose themselves we can provide specific advice through MCM Educational Consultants.

Need more help?
You can contact us at info@viafamilies.com