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Prepare to host someone

General tips

We advise you to prepare your trip carefully.

Thanks to the member ID check, ViaF is a safe environment.

But keep in mind you are the only responsible, therefore it is important to follow the advices we give you, you will allow your experience to be a success.

If during the selection process you have been sincere and open, you should not have any issues. Nevertheless there are some tips to keep in mind:

  • If you receive a child, it is very important to share and talk with his parents.
  • Take photos of the arrival and every moment that you might think is important. Receiving pictures is reassuring.
  • It is not easy to include a new member in the family.
  • Try to treat the guest as one else in the family, with tasks and rights.
  • Try to eat together and talk with the guest, explain your plans during his/her visit.
  • The person you invite has to be included and invited to all activities; this will be at the host’s expense unless otherwise discussed beforehand.
  • If there are students of the same age at home, there might be some jealousy, or the host might be tired of the guest, you might have over praised, this is normal.