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What we offer

A new experience

Trust and Safety
















































A new experience

A safe and active community providing a lot of guarantees run by a professional team with a 25-year experience in the sector.

You will be able to meet families and students of the world eager to do exchanges. You choose the terms according to your needs, where, when, and with whom you want to exchange.

Organisations are part of this community. They help you to certify your identity and make travel easier.

We offer you 3 options

  • A student exchange with another family
  • Host a student
  • A student trip


Student exchanges

Exchanging students means that you host a student in my home and send one to stay with another family. It is an exchange of favors between families and students. It does not have to be necessarily simultaneous, it is possible to do an exchanges in different times. It depends on your needs and expectations. Meet an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Host a student in your home

It is not mandatory to travel, perhaps you want to know foreign students and welcome them to your home. No problem! There are a lot of students looking for host families. Remember that our families are not paid to host people they are willing to welcome students selflessly. This is the ViaFamilies philosophy in order to make sure the interest in doing exchanges is nothing but altruist and educative.

Hosting a student to your home requires a commitment, kindness and mutual help,  when you have students in your house, it is always a good idea having a guest of the same age.


A student trip

Perhaps you need to find a host family, but it would not be convenient for you to host someone. There are families who would love to receive a student as a guest, so that their own child could get to know foreign students without leaving home.

Contact them, following our advice and security protocols. Check their identity, and contact several families, then choose the one that you think is best, according to your hopes and expectations.

Perhaps, in the future, the host family will visit your country and will need a friendly hand, and this will be your opportunity to return their hospitality, showing them around your town or recommending special places to visit. You never know!


Trust and Safety

ViaFamilies has designed its platform so that everyone can act comfortably and safely. We control personal profiles before they become public. We have implemented an internal messaging system for families, students and entities to communicate confidentially and safely. ViaFamilies has security and privacy filters where your data remains safe and always hidden.

ViaFamilies implements every possible measure in order for the community to be safe thanks to functionnalities such as the ID check and social networks links.

The ID check is obtained through completing every step of online/offline verifications

  • Profile picture
  • Email adress
  • Phone number
  • Social networks links (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Id Document

One of the main points of the platform is NEVER reveal any information that jeopardise a student or a family, towards other families or people who do not know enough.

For this reason, all sensitive information, including the name of your family, will not be disclosed by us, at any time, as your exact address, email or phone. You will choose when and with whom to share it.

All the personal facilitated information will be incorporated into a file of personal information given of discharge before the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information so all of the confidential data is protected.

If you have any doubt, go to the Contact section.

In addition, so users feel more secure, our platform has passed the review of the company Confianza Online. 

You can also check our Security FAQ.