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How to...

1. Make a good profile

2. Introduce yourself

3. Find families

4. Contact members

5. Compare

6. Analyse

7. Disclose your private data


















































































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How to make a good profile

Your profile is the way to introduce yourself to the community. The more complete your profile is the more chances you will have to meet interesting people.

  1. Fill all the fields: studies,job,hobbies etc.
  2. Write an introduction: share details about your life, explain your motivations and what you expect with ViaFamilies, what will you offer if you want to host or to do an exchange.
  3. Upload pictures and videos of you (even if it is a few seconds long), it is enough to let the community know who you are.
  4. Tell us if you belong to a ViaFamilies partner institution.
  5. Specify if you have made a ViaFamilies exchange.
  6. Specify if you have a special need ( regarding health or of any kind) by checking the dedicated box.

How to introduce yourself

  • Start by describing the most general aspects: indicating how many members in your family and ages. On a more specific level: your concerns as a parent, your interests and needs.
  • Your type of housing is also important if you live in the countryside or in the city, in an apartment or a house, in a rural or urban setting, near a town, shopping area, in the mountains or coast, etc.
  • The more accurate is the information you provide, the better are the chances that you will find a family that meets your expectations!
  • Your letter must be sincere and truthful: your lifestyle, habits, family values, tastes, needs and reasons why you wish to meet other families. Explain, if desired, the type of family you want to contact you and the type families you are looking for.


How to find families

  • Use the filters to narrow the families
  • Establish your priorities and read the cover letters
  • Select a minimum of 5 families to contact
  • Ask the same questions to the 5 (or more) families, you will be able to compare answers and make a first selection
  • Be very honest and clear both in your questions and answers, always in a polite and respectful way
  • Raise issues in conversations that interest you: dates, priorities, sports, studies, family lifestyle, etc.
    • Why do you have interest in meeting a family abroad?
    • What experiences have you had before?
    • Why have you chosen a particular country?
    • What is your lifestyle?
    • Preferred dates for the exchange

How to contact members

The time has come to consider which family meets your expectations, covers your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Study the profiles of families and read the cover letter. Contact with many families and with various and start creating friendships. Complying with the Code of good conduct is essential. If any problem occurs with a member do not hesitate to contact the Security team.

We advise you to share your personal data to your interlocutor as the relationship goes forward. Use as much as possible the platform , then if you trust enough your interlocutor you can use Skype. Share your experiences, opinions on important topics that are important for you (relgion, diet, sports, studies).

Do not forget any topics in order to avoid any kind of suprises, it is a key to success, your experience will be even richer.

As trust grows, it will be easier to share private data 


Compare families and students

Do not contact with only one family at a time, do so with several 4 or 5 for example. This will give you the opportunity to see the differences. You will be able to see what you like and dislike. It will help you ask questions as you are getting to know each other.

Think about the issues that are important to you. Don’t work with families that do not show much interest in you, those families that do not respond in a timely fashion. Or those families that do not seem ready to organize a Skype call with you.

Be aware of the strengths of each family, those that are important to you:

  • Dates
  • The time that parents can spend with children
  • Family lifestyle
  • Type of education, type of school...
  • Principles and values

Sometimes what you see is not the most important.

The best situation is to have similar values; this makes relationships much easier.


How to analyse your contacts

How do I know if a family is what they say they are? How do I know if it's true what they tell you?

It is in no one interest to say something that is not true. There is no advantage for anyone. Being sincere is the best way to find the right family. Nevertheless we must verify that the family in another country is being honest. Use the internet and all its tools to do your research.

Speak to various families at a time, to get to know them, compare them, and evaluate the pros and the cons for each one of them.

9 useful tips:
  • Start early. The more time you spend corresponding, the more likely you will be to find the right fit.
  • Engage in conversation with several families at the same time through the Via Families platform
  • Check verification badges, pictures and videos. The more complete is a profile the more trustful it is.
  • Ask the same questions to your contacts , it will be easier to compare their answers.
  • Do not trust a member who asks you incoherent questions or if they make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Search for families and students that share your values.
  • Use skype several times to chat, it will be easier to make your judgement.
  • Don't use skype with your underage child until trust is set between you and your contact.
  • Share your private data in order to assure you are what you say.


How to disclose your private data

As you fill in your profile information, you must be assured that Via Families will NEVER share or display your personal information. You will be the one that will share it directly.

We advise you to first talk through Skype, do not share your exact address. You will decide when to share once you know them better.

Once you have contacted, you could give other information, as for example:

  • Surname

Giving your surname is an important step, the family will be able to contrast your information. It will give them trust.

  • Phone numbers

It is up to you when you want to disclose this information. It is practical to give and have, but only once you been able to verify the information given

  • Adress

If you want to host or to do an echange,at some point you will have to disclose your adress. Make sure you spoke enough with your contact and checked his data.