It is not mandatory to travel, perhaps what you prefer to meet other people and invite them into your home. No problem! Many students are looking for a family and to meet other people.

Welcoming a student into your home requires a commitment to hospitality, cordiality, and helpfulness. Whether they are a minor or an adult.

If you are a teacher, expert athlete, tourist guide, cook, etc ... perhaps this will be your best option!

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Do you have an extra room at home?

Maybe you've had a spare room at home and you wouldn't mind having guests for a certain period of time, like a student. Or maybe someone with whom you can share your hobbies and interests, teach aspects of your country, culture or cuisine? Or a sports professional?

All ideas are welcome. You only need to contact the ideal person with whom you want to make friends. You can benefit from that empty room in your house!

Do you have an extra room at home?

Are you a teacher?

That's great! Being a host family and hosting an athlete or student in your home for a period of time reinforces the knowledge acquired and shares a perfect enriching experience. As a teacher, this stay will be perfect. If you are able to offer a few hours of classes, even better!

Proving your professionalism and qualifications in your cover letter is a very important step in building trust with potential guests.

Are you a teacher?

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