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What an entity means

be a member of Via Families

In Via Families we have managed to create a simple and very effective system forvalidate the identity of people through the seal of the entitiesassociates and collaborators.

Our validation system of a person's identity goes through athird, other than Via Families, can certify that a person exists,is real and works, is a member or partner of a formal entity, recognized andlegally constituted (association, school, company, club, etc ...)

Our associated entities have a high level of CSR (Responsibility Corporate Social) that is, they are fully committed to theinternational development of young people internationally and for that reasonactively help families validating the profile of these delantaof a community.

The entities only validate the identity of the associate or employee forso that it can be recognized by the rest of the community of families in ViaFamilies.

We want Via Families to be a platform of confidence, security andguarantee among families, and provide the possibility to entities ofcollaborate in international education and the creation of a better world.