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Testimonies of our families





"Mother of 6 kids from 14 to 2 years, 3 girls and 3 boys. I´m very openmind specially in language exchange. In fact, now a day, my husband and I thought that learning more languages are essential in the education of our kids. It is probably to have people with other languages and it will be enriching to do an exchange.

I though that  to know more people with different languages and cultures is exciting. That´s why we try to travel as often as we can, so that, our kids can discover the enrichment of our world and open their hearts to people who are on their road.

Then you understand why Via Families seduced us! Thanks to the platform in which we can be in touch with families around the world to get together, create links between families… was ¡amazing! There are many  and different selection criteria, that help to choose the family we want to be contact so that the children get along and the exchange will give us many benefits. 

Specifically, last year, we arrange an exchange to Bertille and Marie, our two oldest girls with an spanish family. They wanted to go together, so we found a family with two sisters with the same age. We had a very great exchanges with the family after their departure, that give us a lot of confidence. Our girls spent two weeks in Madrid (Spain) on June and we received the 2 girls of the other family on August. The four girls got along very well. What joy! It wasn´t just linguistically rich, but also to live 15 days with other family, it is a real life learning. Such an amazing adventure! Our hearts opened and grew! Thanks Via Families! We hope we can repeat this incredible experience!"