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What is Via Families?


Via Families is an online platform that connects families around the world attaining linguistic, cultural, academic and sporting exchanges between their student children.

Without the use of intermediaries or organizations, each family is free to browse other families privately and with confidence. Then choose the family with whom they want to reach an agreement to make an exchange.

A Via Families exchange is around 90% cheaper than most alternatives and cultural immersion is guaranteed.  

Via Families is a network aimed at everyone with specific needs and interests who wants to travel, exchange or host a student for a pre-determined period of time.



  • A new experience

Via Families is an active and safe community with guarantees which allows the exchange of students between families through host families, at a significantly lower price than agencies or intermediaries.

Travel and learn languages the cheapest and easiest way.

Via Families’ directors are professionals with more than 25 years´ experience in the international education sector.

Here you can choose from the many families in our community who want to travel, host or make exchange with other families like yours.

You choose the modality in each step; where, when and with whom you would like to do it.


  • 3 potential routes:

Student exchange simultaneously or separately, the choice is yours

You host a student in exchange for their family hosting your child.

It is an exchange of favours between families and students.

It does not have to be simultaneous; they can be done over time.

It all depends on your wants and needs. Reach an agreement that suits both parties equally.


Host another student in your home

You don’t have to travel at all, if you want to meet students and host them, that’s not a problem, many students are just looking for host families.

Surely you must reach an economic agreement between you and the other family.

In any case, the agreement that you and the other family  reach is private (only between you).

Hosting a student requires compromise on hospitality, manners and space.Is easier when the other family have a kid same age as the student who is going to travel.


Stay with a host family

If you would like to travel, but can’t host other students in your home, this means that another family or student will host you for free.

What they expected from you is education, help and commitment.

Contact them; follow carefully our advices and security protocols. Then verify their identity and confirm it.

There is nobody better than you to choose the family that best meets your expectations.