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National Association of Large



Ubicación  Hungria

National Association of Large


National Association of Large Families, abbreviated as NALF (Nagycsaládosok Országos Egyesülete – NOE in Hungarian), was founded in 1987 with the involvement of about 150 families aiming to offset the prejudices against large families in the society and fighting for those measurements that handicap families with children. Nowadays, NALF has more than 15 000 member families and more than 250 local organisations. By a constant advancement of organisational activities seven regional centres have been formed in Fót, Győr, Monor, Nyirád, Orosháza, Pécs and Püspökladány. Even a Youth Division of NALF was started to be established in 2007.

The aims articulated in the Articles of Association have remained unchanged since the very start of NALF, in fact they gained an ever enlarging importance:

  • Promoting respect to life and motherhood, responsibility for marriage and future generations,
  • Acting for and serving specific interests of large families,
  • Transforming large families into a community knowing and helping one another.


The Association acts independently of political parties, religions or sects and ideologies but cooperates with private people, organisations and power structures when it comes to the implementation of ambitions and aims corresponding to the values of the association. NALF has consistently taken the stand at the values tackled in the Articles of Association striving to be always aware and up-to-date in information while representing the essential interests of FAMILIES, namely of ALL families with children. The activities of the association cover almost all aspects of human life. As a result, the association deals with all kinds of queries and problems day by day.



President: Katalin Gyurkó Kardosné elnok@noe.hu
Vice-Presidents: Kinga Joó noe@noe.hu, Dr. Jenő Kutassy,  noe@noe.hu 


Csaba Bodroghelyi
László Fekete
Nóra Bartos Komjátiné
Krisztina Török
Ferenc Vári



While taking the interest of large families NALF is in active contact with various institutions, state and government organisations controlling family, social, equal opportunity and employment policies, education and health care, economics and finance. We strive to support legislation with judgements and proposals serving the interests of possibly all families, engaged couples and young families.

The Association has appeared among the first organisations within the Hungarian society actually working and acting from bottom up. Since the very first days we have strived to be present at civil corporations exerting an impact on public life and legislation. We aim to actively react on processes around us and cooperate with other civil organisations having similar aims and values. NALF regularly takes part in movements of the civil society, as we consider the development of democracy valuable.


As a result of our activities we have achievements in numerous fields:

  • NALF has by now become a considerable national organisation.
  • A successful management training system has been launched.
  • Professionalism has always been considered relevant. Only recommendations of high professional relevance have been made public.
  • It is one of our achievements that tax allowance after children was integrated into the law on personal income tax.
  • The national scheme of the financial aid for first home owners was broadened.
  • A new way of debt handling became also part of the social law.
  • Women on maternity leave are provided with monthly passes for public transport in several settlements of Hungary.


The recognition of our activities is best implied by the 5th frame programme of the European Committee reflecting on eleven member candidate countries in 2002. The report titled ‘The role of civil society in family politics’ indicates that NGOs are at a very early stage of development in these countries, however, NALF is made prominent as follows:

“In Hungary NALF has proved successful in acting as a prestigious, authentic organisation that the government of whatever political orientation and the society can rely on. NALF was capable of acquiring autonomy, social rank and appearing as a role model to other organisations.
NALF has grown out of nothing and proved to have a high profile and influence on legislation regarding family politics. NALF has been capable of establishing a network all over the country reaching even to remote villages.”

Our activities have been recognised with several awards: NALF received Hungarian Heritage Award in 2007, Humanity Award in 2008 launched by the European Feminist Initiative and the Solidarity for Public Education Award in 2009 launched by the Democratic Union of Pedagogues.