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"Three Plus"



Ubicación  Polonia

"Three Plus"

About us

The "Three Plus" Family Association grew out of the sense of family values ​​and the opposition to unjust treatment of families, especially large families, by the Polish legal system. Between 2005 and 2006 families with many offspring from around Warsaw, and also from other parts of Poland, began to exchange views. We have come to the conclusion that home-based work devoted to the upbringing of one's own children is treated as worthless work, which perfectly reflects the term "woman sitting at home". The woman who spent many years working at home, even if she raised fifteen children, often does not even have a pension. It is important to prepare for life, to educate and educate your child.

22 de Junio de 2017 a las 16:08

ZDR 3+ won the competition for the acquisition of the Large Family Card in 2017.

Winning in the Big Family Cards acquisition is a great joy and fulfillment for us. We have initiated it in self-governments since 2007 and for several years we have been working on the development of this mechanism.

There were dozens of backgrounds, hundreds of people who were passionate about the creation of the Local Family Cards in Poland. We are very pleased that MRPiS today is distributing this family policy instrument to the association. This is a gesture of trust from the state institution to the families, to the citizens who want and from today can assume responsibility for the further development of the National Family Card.

We appeal to all families with many incentives to cooperate. The Big Family Card is supposed to serve us - big - we are the ones we know what discounts we need most. Every family will be able to put their bricks - that is, to report to another partner, the company ready to offer discounts.

We are starting work on a platform that will allow large families from all over Poland to enter their proposals for KDR. 
And now you can report any comments and suggestions to: tab@3plus.pl

We also turn to entrepreneurs: large families are one of the largest consumer groups is 3.5 million citizens. With discounts you can get new, good buyers almost wholesale. It is worth supporting this group of citizens, especially important for the future of Poland.

On January 24, 2017 we signed an official agreement with the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy to acquire new partners under the Large Family Card in 2017.

It is a great joy for us and a great challenge. We take responsibility for the quality and quantity of further discounts on KDR. We hope that we will succeed in this task and that in a few months we will see the positive effects of our actions.