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Hable Ingles Viajes



Ubicación  Argentina

Hable Ingles Viajes

I'm a Canadian ESL teacher living in Argentiina.  I´ve been living here since 2007 and teach English to teens and adults.  As part of the study curriculum I annually design for my students to improve their fluency and self confidence in English, I organize a trip to Toronto every year in the month of July.  In Toronto my students study at CES (180 Bloor st. west - formerly called Global Village).  Most of my students are first time travelers, thus making this a very important part of their learining experience.  My goal is for them to, not only to improve their fluency, but also have a great ¨family¨ life in Toronto.  

On a more personal note, I've been teaching English for the last 25 years and have taught in different countries.  I've been married for 22 years and have two wonderful teenagers.  I live with my husband and kids in a relatively small city in the hear of the province of Cordoba called Villa Maria.  

As a teacher, my goal is for all my students to use English as a communication tool and not think of it as a ¨subject¨ they have to ´learn¨.  This is why I make a great effort in building their confidence by exposing them to other native Engish speakers outside of the classroom.