You want to travel, but you can't stay, then nothing happens.

Contact people you would be comfortable living with, families or people with needs and interests like yours and then reach an agreement that suits you both.

The agreement you reach depends on you, whether it is an economic or another type of agreement that suits you well: language classes, cooking, sports and recreation etc. It all depends on you.

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What remuneration do i have to give to the host?

They will probably ask you for financial remuneration, it all depends on the agreement you reach and the final decision depends on you.

There are some countries like England, where it is normal for families to charge for hosting students. That's why we recommend that you compare with other countries and talk to several people and families.

You can offer your knowledge of your native language, or your favorite sport, or gastronomy of your country. It can be an exchange of interests, a barter or a simple financial remuneration for the accommodation.

The remuneration that the host can ask from you also depends on the type of housing, what they offer you, location, room, type of compensation , etc.

What remuneration do i have to give to the host?

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We make easy for you; wherever you want, with whomever you want in a simple and economical way. Start contacting people like you now!.

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