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Dear families, dear exchange partners,

We are a three headed family and are looking for an exchange partner for Dana in an English-speaking region. If it is not an English speaking country, we are still open to discuss that option, if the language of communication will be English.

In the ideal case Dana will spend some time (up to three months) in your family in summer/fall 2023. She can leave by mid-July and has to be back at school at the end of October 2023. Dana will attend secondary school in a bilingual (English-French) branch in Geneva from August 2022 on. Her school offers the French-speaking students to go abroad to practice their Englilsh and get immersed in the culture. 

We will be glad to host a student of approximately her age in return for the same duration, but at a different time, but we are also open to have Dana travel only.

You can let us know which time frame is best for you. I am sure we can find the suitable months for everybody.

Dana speaks English already quite well, so initial communication won’t be a problem. She is a descrete person, with a high capacity to adapt. She is used to integrating into new groups and since we often host au-pairs or workaway people, she is, although quiet, not shy to talk to new people. She loves her cat and she also plays the guitar. School is an important element in life and she takes it very serious.

As a family (in return, if we opt for exchange) we can offer the usual family life. Dana has an elder sister, Sophia (16), who is attending art-school. I am a teacher in secondary school.The person who will stay with us, would go to school with Dana of course. We live in the French countryside, but Dana goes to school in Geneva.

We ski a lot in winter and in summer the region is beautiful with lots of lakes to swim in and lots of mountains to hike. We love taking a weekend in the mountains, but we also enjoy visiting museums in the surrounding cities, or just going out to a restaurant. We are not far from Annecy and Lyon and would definitely take you there. Depending on the season you could also learn to ski. If you stay long enough, we will also take you to Germany, where we have family (close to Basel on the other end of Switzerland).

We are very used to integrating a person into our family, since we have had au pairs for many years and are regulary hosting young travellers that assist in our daily lives. So open-minded international atmosphere is guaranteed. 

We are looking forward the getting to know you!

Family and Location


Studies: Secondary school

Mother languages: French, German

Hobbies: Animals, Ballet, Dancing, Drawing, Listening to music, Nature, outdoors, Outing, Painting, Playing music, Time with family, Travel

Personality: Creative, Imaginative, Kind, Pleasant, Polite, Positive, Quiet


Studies: Secondary school

Mother languages: French, German

Hobbies: Ballet, Camping, Drawing, Listening to music, Paddel, Reading, Time with family, Travel

Personality: Ambitious, Creative, Direct, Easy-going, Imaginative, Reserved, Serious


Studies: Doctorate

Work: Teacher

Mother languages: French, German

Hobbies: Ballet, Camping, Cooking, Dancing, Dinning out, Nature, outdoors, Outing, Ski, Time with family, Travel, Trekking, hiking, Yoga

Personality: Adventurous, Direct, lively, Positive, Practical, responsible

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