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French Polynesia(PAPEETE)

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Student Exchange

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United States

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I would like to discover new things and improve my english. USA is my favorite destination because the destination can't be boring, there's always something to do and the cities are pretty wonderful. I can't wait to make new friends whom i can share everything with! I love shopping in USA and walking through these pretty streets.

Here, in Tahiti, you could experiment a lot of things that you have never done before. We live near to the shopping center in Papeete so we could walk through the marina and buy some local things. We could go to the beach and surf too!


Family and Location


Studies: Secondary school

Mother languages: French

Hobbies: Animals, Dancing, Going out w/ friends, Surf

Personality: Creative, Imaginative


Studies: Secondary school

Mother languages: French

Hobbies: Going out w/ friends, Going to the beach

Personality: Easy-going, Kind


Mother languages: French

Hobbies: Running

Personality: Easy-going, Pleasant


Mother languages: French

Hobbies: Cooking

Personality: Pleasant

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