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Hello!! My name is Milagros, I am from Colombia. My brother just moved to united states and we have a room available for the next 3 years. In my home, it is my mom and I only most of the time, and my dad usually come over on the weekends, so we were thinking on having and exchange student with us as a host family to have some company. Our mother language is spanish of course, but I do speak english too.   
We have two cats and one dog. And we live in a condo with shared pool, you will have a private room with AC, TV, shared bathroom (with me only lol, my mom has her own). We live in the north of barranquilla so our home is near super markets, malls, we live at 20 minutes from the beach. Our condo is full of retired people so it is quiet most of the time, keeping in mind this is barranquilla and we have music in every corner.
My parents are catholics, but they are concious respectful with the diversity in humanity, LGBTQ, veganism, vegetarianism, feminism. Currently, we are not vegans/vegetarians but my dad was vegetarian over 20 years and he stopped for heath situations, so if you have an specific diet we will understand and prepare it for you, it's okay :)

Family and Location


Studies: Doctorate

Work: HR Manager

Mother languages: Spanish

Hobbies: Chess

Personality: Charming, Discrete, Polite


Studies: At University

Mother languages: Spanish

Hobbies: Chess, Going out w/ friends

Personality: , Pleasant


Studies: Vocational Training

Mother languages: Spanish

Hobbies: Cooking

Personality: Easy-going, Kind

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