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The stories that gave birth Via Families

One day a “desperate” mother calls us to our educational consultancy because she wanted that her deaf children to learn English and the organizations and agencies told her: but he is deaf!

Obviously we were able to help her: her child was able to finish school in US and he obtains a scholarship for the American university.

At the same time, my cousin Jose Coll - an entrepreneur and founder of Red Points - tells me if I don’t know a family to invite and to learn English: -I can only offer immersion and learning programs in the academies but through the agencies and cost is very high.

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29 years ago we (my husband, Alex Ferrer an I) created our own educational consultancy abroad, in the heart of Barcelona, we were young but my husband had enough work experience both in the sector and as a student abroad.

When we had 25 years of experience, I decided to create a platform, not only for students with the economic capacity to access the programs we sold, but for any family that wanted to give an international education to their children.

60% of the cost of a program abroad is accommodation, if we offer exchange accommodation or at very cheap prices we will facilitate exchanges between families with common interests and needs.

It started as an ideal and step-by-step it was taking shape. It is necessary, different, global, trustworthy and simple.

In January 2015 we created Via Families together with an engineer friend and five months later (in June), Via Families started online, the platform where all families can find their counterpart in another country.

In July 2015 ELFAC (Large Families from Europe) contacted us and decided that they wanted to partner to facilitate these exchanges to all European large families.

Other associations have been interested in our platform to unite its members, or collaborate internationally with associations like yours. Gens de Confianca, Celiacs of Catalonia, Diabetics of Spain or Catholic Families of Europe…

We believe in the need and willingness of families to collaborate for mutual benefit.

A secure platform with guarantees, which validates people, either through the logo of entities, comments or testimonies from other families. Being able to contact families directly while keeping your data safe has been our priority.

... and we continue working tirelessly to keep improving every day!

We appreciate your trust and that you are here with us.

At Via Families we all win

Welcome to Via Families!

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