Whether you are a person of legal age or if you are parents who are going to travel or receive guests, keep these 3 points in mind:


Manners and politeness

"A smile opens all doors" Manners and being polite are always the best method of introduction: cordiality, empathy and help

Patience with the guest or host

Adapting to a new culture requires that both te host and the guest have time and make an effort to adapt. Having patience is the best formula andasking questions such as how to make things better and easier for the adaptation., Some misunderstandings are easily solved by talking to each other.


In all houses there are rules and most times they are customs. Explain them on the first day to the guest., It is always better to concede to them than to make mistakes unintentionally.

You shouldn’t have any problems during your stay if during the process of getting to know each other you have been sincere and you have talked about issues that really matter to both of you.

If you are parents

Keep this in mind : See more

  • If the family is paid it is important to know what the schedules and activities, that they offer will be. Reach an agreement with them on all aspects of accommodation, airport pick-ups, etc.
  • Does the person you are inviting count on being invited to everything? It is helpful to clarify this point well. Is it going to be one more cost of the family and will the expenses be your own?. If there is something extra you must talk about it before the trip so that there are no misunderstandings (a trip or excursion, tickets to a show, etc.). For example, in the case of athletes, sports expenses are sometimes high, ask questions before starting the trip, such as: fees, equipment, rentals, etc. So that you don't have any surprises.
  • It is important for both the guest and the host, at any given time, to rest. It is best if the guest has their own bedroom, their own free space to practice sports, or individual activities.
If you are parents

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